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Apache CloudStack (Java/Python) developer

RemoteAmsterdam, Netherlands

Job description

As an Apache CloudStack developer at CLouDINfra you help build the infrastructure behind the many hundreds of thousands of websites hosted within Total Webhosting Solutions.

Apache CloudStack is a cloud orchestrator that we use within CLDIN to deploy and run our tens of thousands of virtual machines.

You contribute to this Open Source project on a daily basis, where you become part of the community.

For CLDIN, you improve CloudStack by fixing bugs, adding features, but also supporting the operational engineering team with your knowledge of the code when using CloudStack.

Terms such as Gitlab, Ubuntu, KVM, Java, Maven, JNA and JSVC are not unknown to you or you are willing to invest in this knowledge.

Ultimately, you help ensure that the hundreds of thousands of YourhostingVersio and Savvii websites are online 24/7!

Job requirements

We are looking for an enthusiastic and flexible software developer who enjoys building Open Source software that is used within a company.

You find it a challenge to find out where mistakes are and don't mind having to dive deep until a problem is solved.

At CLDIN we often work with Linux systems and a large part of Open Source systems.


  • You have at least 3 years of relevant work experience
  • Dutch & English (written and spoken)
  • Expert-level knowledge of software writing in languages such as Java and Python (lesser degree).
  • Knowledge of protocols such as IPv4 and IPv6, TCP/IP, HTTP and DNS
  • Knowledge of virtualization technology (KVM, Qemu, libvirt)
  • Understanding Filesystems & Storage (EXT4, XFS, NFS, iSCSI, LVM)
  • Pre: Knowledge of and experience with running a cloud computing platform
  • Pre: Knowledge of and experience with CEPH
  • Pre: Knowledge of and experience with underlay and overlay networks (BGP, OSPF, VXLAN, EVPN)